Human or synthetic, pick your poison. Not just for celebrities, each method is non-damaging, and is designed to add thickness, length, or both. Hair-O-Smith uses only the finest quality hair, and, in some cases, can be worn for up to a year.

We always get asked if extensions are “doable” on fine hair. The answer is YES, with the appropriate method. First time clients are required to set up a free consultation, where together we can determine the best method for you.

  • Pinch Braids: Fill-in, no length…$225+ (plus hair cost if applicable)
  • Full Head…$375+ (plus hair cost if applicable)
  • Tightening…$70 per hour
  • Weave: Full head…$220+ (plus hair)
  • Weave Tighten…$55+ per row (plus hair cost if applicable)
  • Scottsdale Seamless…$75 per hour (plus hair cost)
  • Perfectress…$75 per hour (plus hair cost)
  • Dream Catchers I-Tip…$75 per hour (plus hair cost)
  • Colored Streaks…3 for $25, $70 per half hour